1 Product Styled 3 Ways: Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are a great way to bring the garden in and give a fresh injection of colour to your home décor.  This lovely bouquet of alliums, snowball (viburnum opulus) and buddleia are perfect for popping in a vase and styling with your home accessories for a long lasting display.  When styling your vignette think about the colours of your home accessories and how they complement each other and the artificial flowers.  Another important styling tip is to vary the heights so the eye roams around the scene and it also creates interest.

Artificial allium and buddleia bouquet- Audenza

 The soft pastel colours of the artificial flowers lend themselves well to the lovely porcelain swirl vase and I wanted to complement the light, fresh green feel by adding the porcelain garlic vase with a few sprigs of euphorbia and a white candlestick with a vibrant green candle.  The soft white porcelain vases give a contemporary, but chic, feel to the styling It’s fun to play about with your home accessories and see what different looks you can achieve and the artificial bouquet can be split up and used separately which means even more value for money.

Artificial snowball spray- Audenza

 I styled the snowball here with some lovely vintage style bottle vases – again using different height vases and some old books to echo the colour of the vases and the viburnum.  The lovely stone bust gives some grandeur and substance to the vignette, with the pine cone bookends echoing the soft white of the bust.  The soft greens and white give a romantic spring feel to the styling.

Artificial flowers- Audenza

Be creative with your containers – it’s particularly easy with artificial flowers as you don’t need water.  Here I’ve used a lovely glass bird jar that has filigree metal work on the base and lid.  Perfect for that French chateau look and so simple to achieve. Jacqui x 1 Product Styled 3 Ways: Artificial Flowers. By Jacqui Brooks

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