1 Product Styled 3 Ways: Decorative Ladders

Decorative ladders are very much on trend at the moment and are so versatile either inside or out that I thought it would be good to do a quick blog post on how to style decorative ladders – or plant stands, as we call them, when using them outside. Decorative ladders are particularly good in bathrooms as an attractive way to display your prettier bits and pieces. Handy for a stack of clean towels on the bottom shelf whilst the middle shelf can be used for decorative items. I have styled mine with sempervivum’s in pots but it would be equally lovely with perfume bottles and hair accessories. The top shelf is perfect for toothbrush mugs, cotton wool pads etc., all the bits you want easily accessible and great for a candle to scent your bathroom. Decorative ladders are an on trend way to store all your essentials in the bathroom- Audenza I find decorative ladders a lovely way to show off your home grown flowers (well they don’t have to be home grown, but particularly lovely if they are). The shelves are deep enough to accommodate different sized vases and jars. I’ve styled mine with jam jars, a wine bottle and a drinking glass so that the flowers take centre stage, and a beautifully scented candle in green which complements the flowers. Decorative ladders are so on trend and perfect for styling with all your favourite accessories- Audenza I love styling my plant stands in the garden and changing them around depending on what I want to be star of the show. I’ve styled the grey plant stand using different sized plant pots in toning colours with non-flowering house plants that have been having their summer airing. By limiting the colour palette to green, grey and black it gives an understated, tranquil feel. Add an aged metal garden lantern for an atmospheric twinkle in the evenings. Plant stands are perfect in small gardens for styling your favourite potted plants- Audenza Jacqui x


Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui and Amelia Brooks

'1 Product Styled 3 Ways: Decorative Ladders' written by Jacqui Brooks

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