2 Flower Girls: Styling Anemones

This week we're also taking part in a blogger challenge called #2flowergirls.  Devised by Elodie and Inga, who pick a different flower each month and ask fellow bloggers to join in by styling that particular flower and then posting photos on their own blog.   So, this month the flower is anemones, and since we bought vibrant purple and pink flowers we thought we'd go the full hog and style them with one of our favourite colours at the moment, turquoise.  My Mum even painted the pots specially!  In fact painting plant pots is such a quick and easy way to inject a bit of life into your home or garden.

Styling with Flowers via Audenza #2flowergirls


Styling with Flowers via Audenza #2flowergirls


Anemone Styling via Audenza #2flowergirls

What do you think?  Aren't the anemones gorgeous against the turquoise?! If you'd like to participate you can find out how to on the Madam Love blog. Hollie x

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