3 Autumn Flower Arranging Ideas

I love the colours of autumn and it’s such a pleasure to be able to cut flowers that I have grown myself. Dahlias, rudbeckia, sedum, chrysanthemum and hydrangea are perfect for bringing indoors for autumn flower arranging and to fill my home with their delicious colours. I love experimenting in different vases, with different displays and I wanted to share with you my favourite three ideas for autumnal flower arrangements. 3 Autumn Flower Arranging Ideas- Audenza My hydrangeas are turning from white and green to soft pinks and are too gorgeous not to have a few indoors to admire. With the addition of dark pink sedum and wine red rudbeckias to accentuate the pink of the hydrangeas and some fern and ivy to bring out the green it makes a lovely soft blowsy flower arrangement. The swirl vase is very easy to arrange flowers in as the uneven edges at the top of the vase allow flowers to fall softly down for that cloud effect. 3 Autumn Flower Arranging Ideas- Audenza The metal urn was just crying out to be stuffed full of pink, red and orange flowers like a massive pin cushion and was so easy to do. As the urn has a hole in the bottom for drainage I placed a jam jar inside for water and then just snipped the flower heads to fit from taller at the centre to shorter round the edges for the pin cushion effect. I particularly like the combination of the cast iron against the autumnal flowers and copper. 3 Autumn Flower Arranging Ideas- Audenza The little pink glass vase was perfect for the left over flower heads and, with the addition of some foliage in greens and browns, looks lovely styled with the pin cushion flower arrangement and a copper watering can. It also makes a pretty little flower arrangement for a bedside table. 3 Autumn Flower Arranging Ideas- Audenza So, which is your favourite? I think for me it’s the pin cushion as it epitomises autumn. I’d love to hear what your favourite autumnal flowers are, so do let me know below. Jacqui x

Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui and Amelia Brooks

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