3 Tips for Eclectic Home Styling

Eclecticism is about choosing from different sources, different countries and different historical eras and mixing things up.  It’s a gathering together of things you love and bringing them together in a cohesive whole to create something individual to you. My 3 tips for eclectic home styling are about embracing colour, scale and vintage to create a unique home. 1. Colour Hits of colour are needed for eclectic styling, whether it’s colourful accessories or going the whole way, as in these two rooms. The colour combinations are so striking and individual that they form the basis of true eclectic style. Don’t worry about perceived tasteful colour combinations – be daring. Start gently by adding cushions and lamps in a striking colour contrast and move on from there. Tips for eclectic home styling- don't worry about what is on trend- be daring! Audenza. (Image styled by Louisa Grey and photographed by Emma Lee for Fired Earth)

Image: Styled by Louisa Grey and photographed by Emma Lee for Fired Earth

2. Scale Oversized objects are needed to give drama to interiors. This wonderful standard lamp (I use the term loosely) is a real show stopper. Mix up the scale of objects in your interiors so that you have layers of height and depth. The bottle vase is a simple piece but the unusual size of it makes for more impact and individuality. Tips for eclectic home styling- don't worry about what is on trend- be daring! Audenza. (Interior design by Carnival Interiors).

Image: Interior Design by Carnival Interiors

3. Mix styles It’s very important to source from different places. A room kitted out in a one stop shop basis is going to look bland and rather like a catalogue page. Quirky vintage pieces sourced over a period of time helps to give a room a layer of history and uniqueness and can’t be done quickly. It’s about waiting for that special piece that speaks to you. Eclectic styling is about you and what you love and not about anybody else. By visiting antique emporiums, or even sourcing items whilst on holiday, you get to mix up styles, periods and ethnicity to add to contemporary pieces and create your own eclectic home. And lastly, a bit of bling is essential! Jacqui x

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‘3 Tips for Eclectic Home Styling’ written by Jacqui Brooks

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