Amy Butler Handmade Bag

Hi Everyone I hope you're all enjoying our blog so far? Here at Audenza, we love getting creative and making things, of course shopping has it's place, but hand-making something is just such a wonderful feeling.  Not only is it therapeutic, but you get free rein on every design aspect which means you can choose all the colours and trims, as well as having the amazing satisfaction of standing back and knowing that you made that beautiful object!  (Or so Jacqui and Amelia tell me anyway!  In Jacqui's own words,
"I don't want my house to look like anyone else's, by hand-making as much as I can I'm ensuring that my house is as unique and individual as possible!"
So on that note, we have decided to add a weekly column to our blog entitled 'The Handmade Way to Lovely', where we will share with you something different each week that we have handmade. In doing this, we hope to not only enlighten your lives with beautiful pretty pictures, but also maybe inspire you to get crafty yourself! Our first post then, is a bag that my mum, Jacqui made me for my birthday this year.  Handmade items make such wonderful presents and I love opening something that my Mum or Amelia have made me, it's so personal and when people compliment me on my bag,  I love being able to tell  them that my talented mother made it! To make the bag, Jacqui used a pattern from Amy Butler's book 'Style Stitches'.  Quite often the most time consuming part of a handmade project can be choosing the fabrics and trims!  But for this bag, Jacqui chose to use a gorgeous vintage curtain fabric for the outside of the bag and a combination of more contemporary quilting and curtain fabrics for the lining and handles. I hope you'll agree, that the finished bag is beautiful?!  I have used the lining fabric as the header image across the top, so you can see it in it's full glory!  Amy Butler very kindly signed the book for Amelia at a Quilting show at the NEC in Birmingham. We would love comments on the bag, as well as any of your own ideas for handmade projects that we can get our teeth into. We will be posting again on Friday with '5 Gorgeous Books to Inspire'.  Otherwise, back next week with a another installment of The Handmade Way to Lovely! Audenza x Amy Butler Handmade Bag- By Hollie Brooks

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