Copper Interiors – Making it Work

Copper interiors are here to stay, and with new products being launched all the time it’s worth updating a few accessories to bring a copper glow into your home. Go whichever way you want with it from shiny, smooth copper to give a sleek feel or warm, beaten copper to add a soft glow of colour. Copper interiors is an exciting new trend and can be incorporated into any colour scheme but is really on trend combined with soft greys and moody blues. Copper Interiors- colour palette via Audenza

Copper Coasters

Adding copper accents immediately gives your interior décor an exciting new vibe and it’s a great way of softening the industrial look and giving it some glamour. Think about adding different textures for contrast, and to excite the eye, such as marble, brick and chalky paints. Copper pendant lights look fab against a backdrop of rough brick walls (or fake it with this wallpaper from beut) and effective against moody blue for a splash of warmth. Hicks Blue from Little Greene is a lovely rich blue that perfectly complements copper accents. Copper plant pots are another easy way to incorporate copper into your scheme. How to incorporate copper in interiors- Audenza

Brick Wallpaper. Hicks blue paint. Browse copper furniture and accessories.

This stunning kitchen, designed by Blakes London has just a few touches of copper in the splash back and pendant lights which lend warmth to a very simple colour scheme of grey and blue and immediately adds character and interest. How to incorporate copper in interiors- Audenza. Kitchen designed by Blakes London.

Image credit: Blakes London

  So have you introduced any copper into your home yet?   If so, I’d love to hear what you’ve styled it with in the comments below! Jacqui x  

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