How to make a Pincushion

I was given a very lovely book for my birthday called Junk Genius by Juliette Goggin and Stacy Sirk. There are lots of great ideas for turning odds and ends into lovely items for your home but the one that caught my eye first was the pincushion. I’ve always wanted to make my own pincushion (odd, I know) and a lovely friend gave me some children’s play sand last year for just this occasion. It’s such a simple idea, but effective and pretty too so I thought I would pass on the instructions. How to make a Tea Cup Pincushion- Audenza I’ve used a pretty teacup and saucer but a jug would work just as well, as shown in Junk Genius.
  1. Cut a scrap of fabric such as lining fabric to roughly the size of a hanky and then fill with sand and tie it together in a bundle. Before tying it up tightly make sure it is the right size for your container then tie it really securely.
  2. Cut off the excess fabric and then put a piece of decorative fabric over your sand bundle – using pins to hold it in place while you eliminate folds.
  3. When you are happy with the effect tie it together with ribbon and place it in the teacup.
I have made mine stand quite proud of the teacup because I wanted a nice fat pincushion but that is up to you. The instructions said to glue it in place but I felt it didn’t need glueing as it sat quite firm. How to Make a Tea Cup Pincushion- Audenza Such a pretty addition to your sewing table and so quick and easy to make. It would make a great present for the sewer in your life. How to Make a Tea Cup Pincushion- Audenza Jacqui x How to make a Pincushion by Jacqui Brooks

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