How to Style a Contemporary Home with Vintage Pieces

Hello all A belated happy New Year!  Hope you all had a lovely break for Christmas, ours was hectic... to say the least, but once we'd made sure all of your lovely gifts were on their merry way we did manage to take some much needed time off to recharge. To start the year off I'd like to share with you a post which Jacqui contributed to the Period Living blog.  Last year, I had a meeting with a couple of the lovely ladies from Period Living to discuss upcoming ranges and they asked if we'd like to become a contributor to their blog.  We, of course said yes!  We settled upon the theme of how to style vintage pieces in a contemporary home, so each month we'll be sharing our tips for two different trends.   Our first post looks at dark walls with a pop of colour and also sunburst clocks and mirrors.  Here's an excerpt to give you a taster: Audenza- Styling vintage pieces in a contemporary home Dark walls with a pop of colour Dark walls, from grey through to blues and aubergine colours, have been on trend for a while now and are set to continue. Dark grey is a good neutral base for adding pops of colour. Tips for integrating vintage:
  1. Unify old and new by picking a colour theme and limiting the colour palette: this example shows dark grey walls with a pop of mustard yellow.
  2. Eliminate pattern from walls and furniture to instantly make a room look fresh and contemporary.
  3. Base the scheme on a special vintage piece: the starting point here is the vintage mustard yellow velvet framed print with the addition of a contemporary chair in the same colour.
  4. Add black accessories and furniture for a sharper more structured look.
Head over to read the full post: Styling Vintage Pieces and do come back to let us know below what you think! Hollie x  

How to Style a Contemporary Home with Vintage Pieces by Jacqui Brooks

Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui and Amelia Brooks

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