Is Social Media Addling Your Brain? (Update)

Happy weekend all! So, I thought I'd just do a quick post to update you on my social media/ technology curfew!  Read about it here, if you haven't already. Basically, it seems I'm not very good at keeping my word!  The lure of my phone is just too great.  I have however, made a concerted effort to stay off Twitter at night, so that's one improvement, but I just can't seem to keep myself off my emails in the evening. That said, I do believe that checking ones phone is actually more habit than anything and of course habits are just broken overnight, so I will keep at it! It's Amelia's birthday on Monday, so we are having a day off, (hopefully in the sun!) to celebrate.  We have actually pencilled in a sunbathing and Pimms day in the garden... so let's hope the weather holds out for us.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, hopefully relaxing somewhere as lovely as this....

Beautiful Garden Setting

Hollie x Social Media Update- By Hollie Brooks

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