New Magazine: 'Modern Gardens'

‘Modern Gardens’ is a new gardening magazine to hit the stands and I love it so I thought I would shout about it! Being an obsessive gardener I buy most of the gardening magazines on a regular basis and inspirational and informative though they may be, they don’t really relate to the small suburban plot most of us have. New magazine, 'Modern Gardens' is full of inspirational design and style ideas. Gardening has changed dramatically over the last few years – it used to be the case that you were either a gardener and obsessed with plants, or you weren’t and just had a lawn with a few shrubs, but now we want a garden that we can use as an outdoor room and that we can style accordingly without having to become the next Percy Thrower! My garden is very labour intensive and that is my choice because I would actually like to be the next Percy Thrower, well a female version of, of course, but for those of you who want to actually have time to sit in your garden as well as enjoy it as an extension of your home then this is the mag for you. It’s full of inspirational design and style ideas for creating an interesting outdoor room without being overly horticultural. New magazine, 'Modern Gardens' is full of inspirational design and style ideas. This month’s edition (April 2016) has a feature on how to set up a garden cinema for a fab summer party, everything you need to know about tulips (well not quite everything but enough to make a great display, did you know you can eat tulip petals? I didn’t), how to create a garden kitchen for alfresco parties, planting a purple corner that bees will love and lots more style ideas to create a garden to be proud of. You can subscribe here: Modern Gardens. Needless to say, I've already subscribed. So what you think?  Is it just the garden mag you've been looking for? Jacqui x

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Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui & Amelia Brooks

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