Ramblings, Rants & Sleepless Nights

Today, I’m starting a new kind of blogging.  The kind that takes me away from my desk and into my notebook.   I used to spend many an hour scribbling in my diary when I was younger.  I’ve long since stopped keeping a diary, but I have often missed sitting in bed, writing in my book about my day, my thoughts, and all manner of weird and wonderful things that pop into my head.  It doesn’t really matter what you write in your diary, as long as it’s only you that’s going to be reading it (read here for more on that!), so it’s just an outlet really, a way of venting and relaxing. There’s something terribly cathartic about actually writing- not typing, writing and let’s face it, how many of us do that these days other than to write lists or notes? [caption id="attachment_1344" align="aligncenter" width="328"] Image: Open Road Media [/caption] I have always known that I write better at night, with no distractions, no emails and a clear mind, but with being at the computer all day, I quite often can’t face typing a lengthy post staring at the screen any more.  Testament to my writing at night, was the 1st that I achieved in my marketing coursework at uni that I hadn’t written a word of at 6pm the night before hand in and stayed up all night to write.  Should have done that with my dissertation- I only got a 2:1! So here I have found the perfect solution.  I can blog on my own, at night or wherever I am.  Just me, my notebook and Classical FM.  Just a quick note- yes I am 27 and no, I possibly should not be sat in bed, alone with Classic FM on.  But what the heck, I enjoy it! I actually wish I did this more often.  So here is my pledge- to post once a week about…. Life!  Anything and everything that pops into my head- be it food, anthropology, thoughts on society and life and of course, a few rants along the way.  Let’s face it, isn’t someone’s tale of a nightmare day generally more entertaining than someone’s sweetness and light, fan-blooming-tastic day?!  Sometimes it’s all just a little bit sickly isn’t it?  So we now have a new category called 'Ramblings, Rants and Sleepless Nights', which is where I will post all such things. We started this blog as ‘Audenza: The Rocky Road to all Things Lovely’, read our first post on this here and why we decided to call it that.  But suffice to say, it was never meant to be a blog solely about interiors and lovely things.  So, this is me, not Audenza, Hollie.  I’m taking time away from my computer to write, by hand, quite simply because I enjoy it.  Of course I then have to type it up the next day, which ruins the magic somewhat- and I did consider writing neatly and scanning it in- or even uploading the pages to Issuu and making a mini journal so that you can read it as if it’s straight from my book. But of course Google wouldn’t like that and it’s aallll about what Google likes isn’t it. I already feel inspired as I write this and my mind is whirring with new post ideas and things I’d like to ‘write’ about.  Question is, it’s 11pm, my mind is flowing- do I hamper the creative spirit and attempt to go to sleep, or carry on, while I’m in ‘the zone’? Of course I’ll carry on! Until next week, Hollie x Ramblings, Rants & Sleepless Nights- By Hollie Brooks

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