Spring Shelfies

In honour of spring I re-styled the black shelves in my hallway recently. I find spring so exciting with all the lovely shoots bursting forth in the garden that it makes me want to blow away the cobwebs inside and celebrate by creating a new look. Spring Shelfies by Audenza All the paintwork in my hallway is black so these shelves make a striking backdrop for some of my vintage china collection. Spring Shelfies by Audenza I particularly love combinations of red and green, probably because it reminds me of the garden, add some off white (the colour of my gravel paths) and a few houseplants, and I feel I have brought the outdoors in. Ah warmth and sunshine indoors and out – what bliss! Spring Shelfies by Audenza Which way do you like best? Jacqui x

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‘Spring Shelfies’ written by Jacqui Brooks

Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui Brooks

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