Styling the Seasons- December

For the last few months I’ve enjoyed following a blog series called, ‘Styling the Seasons’.  This series was devised by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lotts.  It’s a monthly series intended to celebrate each and every month as it arrives and what it means to us.   I have been meaning to/ wanting to get involved but just as is often the case,  by the time I’ve remembered, the month is gone. So this month it was planned into the blog schedule for the beginning of December.  But then of course December arrived and oh, so did the orders!  So Santas Little Elves have been busy sewing and packing orders and the blog has been a little neglected.  But alas, here it is, albeit 9 days late! Styling the Seasons- December by Audenza We always tend to go for a traditional feel with our Christmas decorations, for me December is all about traditions.  Getting out that board game that you haven’t picked up since last year (or in our case, playing Pontoon with a big bag of coppers!), the whole family sitting down to watch a movie together or even buying a bag of nuts in shells, which is far more effort, but just seems more, ‘Christmassy!’ Styling the Seasons- December by Audenza Since I knew they would sit so beautifully on my dark wall, I opted for a gold and red theme this year and certainly didn’t go lightly on the decorations.  But hey, if you can’t go OTT at Christmas, then when can you. Styling the Seasons- December by Audenza What do you think to my December arrangement?  Will you be going for traditional decs or something a little different? There’s so many talented bloggers that take part in this series, so do head over to social media and search for #stylingtheseasons to get inspired. Jacqui x

Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui Brooks

‘Styling the Seasons- December’ written by Jacqui Brooks

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