We Love: Brackley Antiques Cellar

We recently visited Brackley Antiques Cellar in Northamptonshire, which was a girly day out for my Mums birthday.  I spotted it in Homes and Antiques Magazine- it has been voted the best antiques centre in the UK, which is some accolade, so we had to see what the fuss was all about! With 30,000 sq. ft. of space there is certainly something to suit every taste and budget and we were not disappointed!  As usual, we came away with a selection of goodies between us, not forgetting of course the stunning mirror that I got for my birthday from there and spoke about here. Audenza- Antique Italian Bird Now this is my Mums crazy bird that she just couldn't resist! Isn't it the most garish/ gaudy/ amazing thing you have ever seen?! It's Italian and certainly gives a talking point!  We pictured it in my Mums summer house, which we'll be talking about later in the week. Audenza- Antique Tea Set I bought this beautiful set consisting of tea pot, sugar pot and milk jug.  The tea pot has a gold key on the top as the handle and apparently it means 'the key to your heart'.  It's also supposed to be quite rare to find all three as a set these days, so I was very happy to find them, especially since the dealer happened to be on the stand at the time and gave me a very good deal! I never know whether to use these things- what do you think?  It seems such a shame to just have them as decoration, but then I would probably break them otherwise! Audenza- Green Dog This little dog is just adorable isn't he?! We simply couldn't leave him behind, not to mention the beautiful blue vase that Amelia got for £2! Audenza- swan This beautiful swan vase is also one of Amelia's finds, she has a bit of a penchant for swans at the moment and has asked for this one for her birthday, so it's been hidden away until then! So what do you think to our finds?  We love a good raid of an antiques centre and even better when you find some real bargains! Audenza x Brackley Antiques Cellar- By Hollie Brooks  

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