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We all want a luxurious bathroom, right?  Something a bit different, something a bit glam and something to luxuriate in - well it doesn’t come much more glam than a bathroom from Catchpole & Rye.  High end and glorious, which is not always the case with high end, sometimes it doesn’t look any different from your bog standard, maybe just better quality, but these beauties are the stuff of dreams.  I have spent a happy hour planning out my new bathrooms - in my dreams! [caption id="attachment_6025" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Relax and unwind in this Catchpole & Rye Copper Bateau Bath for a sample of pure luxury The Copper Bateau Bath[/caption] As an old and respected manufacturing company they also do bespoke work to give you that truly unique bathroom.  All the metal work comes in a range of 6 finishes which is very rare; silver nickel, chrome plate, brushed nickel, polished brass, aged brass and aged copper.  Quite often the style you want doesn’t come in the finish you want but Catchpole & Rye have got it all sussed.  You can even have a coat of arms, or emblem, embossed on your sanitary wear.  Fancy huh? [caption id="attachment_6026" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Can it get more lavish than this? Escape and relax in this gorgeous black and gold Brass Bateau Bath by Catchpole & Rye. The Brass Bateau Bath[/caption] Anyone for a black and gold bath?  The stuff of dreams! I defy anyone not to fall in love with this bath.

It's all about the detail! Add these beautiful La Loire Brass Taps by Catchpole and Rye for a touch of timeless elegance. La Loire Brass Taps

Ooh I do love gold taps.  My previous house was all gold taps, but alas I did this house up in such a rush and gold wasn’t readily available at the time so I went for the easiest option - never a good idea, and regrettable. [caption id="attachment_6028" align="aligncenter" width="765"]For Hollywood glam you can’t beat a polished brass shower tray - don’t fancy the job of keeping it shiny though! The Mayfair Shower Tray[/caption] For Hollywood glam you can’t beat a polished brass shower tray - don’t fancy the job of keeping it shiny though!

How beautiful is this marble washstand by Catchpole & Rye? It will certainly add luxury to your bathroom.The Pyrford Washstand

Well that’s my daydreaming done for the day but do have a look on their website and blog if you fancy a bit of daydreaming yourself.   It’s like a glossy coffee table book with amazing photography and styling - and really quite mouth-watering.  If it’s in your price bracket then what more could you wish for?  Unless you’re a modernist, of course, but still worth a look for the fabulous bathroom shots, and a peek at other people’s homes.

Jacqui x  

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Image credit: Catchpole & Rye

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