We Love: Penny German Oil Paintings

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series hosted by Igor and Judith to encourage us all to bring a little more green into our lives.  Each month they, plus many bloggers worldwide, share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs and green tips & tricks. The theme for September is plants and art which gives me the perfect opportunity to show off my two beautiful paintings. Urban Jungle Bloggers- Plants & Art Month. Still Life by Penny German Quite by chance I discovered the work of artist Penny German. They are mainly small still life paintings in oils using current season’s produce and have a delightful old world charm about them. You may wonder why I have two so similar, well that is due to the vagaries of the Post Office! The first cherry painting went awol so Penny painted a similar one for me and then several months later the original turned up and I couldn’t bear to part with it so two I now have – similar but different cherry paintings. They get moved around the house depending on my whims and this one is usually propped up in a vignette with my grandmother’s old blue china in the kitchen, with the addition of a few cherries, of course, and good old ivy (so hard to kill)! Urban Jungle Bloggers- Plants & Art Month. Still Life by Penny German This cherry painting looks so lovely with the ivy urn and a beautiful jade bowl full of cherries. I prefer them unframed so that the paintings take centre stage and fit easily into different scenes. They both look lovely framed by greenery -but then doesn’t everything? Jacqui x

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Photography: Amelia Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui and Amelia Brooks

‘Urban Jungle Bloggers- Plants & Art’ written by Jacqui Brooks

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