Why Hollie Confiscated my Kindle...!

As I have been told by my girls that I am to start helping with the Instagram photos it seemed the ideal opportunity to glory in this wonderful Indian summer we are experiencing.   As we take the long slow slide into winter I thought I better make the most of my dahlias and chrysanths. They are glorious and look so beautiful in the autumn sunshine that I had to bring a few inside to photograph. Beautiful autumn dahlias and chrysanthemums- styled by Audenza   Just so’s you know - I detest winter! The cold, the dark and no sunshine ugh! It goes on and on for months with no reprieve like an endless grey tunnel that some days I can’t see the way out of and the older I get the worse the symptoms. My only way of coping is my kindle, which incidentally Hollie has just confiscated until I have written this blog! Talk about role reversal! I didn’t think role reversal would start until I was about 80 and going dotty (well the signs of dottiness are increasing rapidly) but it’s started real early in this family! I never was strict enough! Beautiful autumn dahlias and chrysanthemums- styled by Audenza To get back to the point! Since I have been informed that I am now to start helping with instagram for Audenza, I have started practising and these are my first attempts at photos on my phone. Apparently I have potential! Sorry about the exclamation marks but half an hour with Hollie tends to bring out the exclamation marks in me! We are going to Norfolk together tomorrow until Sunday and I am sure I will come home with further lists of ways in which I can improve my performance. Hollie is very good on lists! I lose them though – which really infuriates her, so now she takes photos of her lists and texts them to me so I can’t lose them. Oh my God I am already feeling sorry for any future children she may have. They will be pleading to stay at Grandma’s! Beautiful autumn dahlias and chrysanthemums- styled by Audenza Incidentally I have also been told that there are other things in life to photograph apart from flowers but I am struggling with that one. Why photograph anything else when there are flowers out there? Jacqui x

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Photography: Jacqui Brooks/ Styling: Jacqui Brooks

'Why Hollie Confiscated my Kindle...?!' written by Jacqui Brooks

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